Some companies try to lure you with headlines like "make $1000 a day daytrading" or with statements like "I made $47,000 in one day" or "daytrade for a living". I could make similar claims such as - "a Princeton daytrader made over $100,000 in one day trading Qualcomm". Did it happen? Yes, but that was one incredible day. Anyone that falls for that type of greed advertising is a sucker.

The truth is that some traders will make money and some will lose money and I measure that over the period of a year. If a trader is behind at the end of the year, he lost money and if he is ahead then he made money because at the end of the year your income taxes will show a profit or a loss. One thing is for sure - without the knowledge in Princeton's TradeTutor courses, you will lose your money, I guarantee it.

So, now the question is, what are you willing to pay for the knowledge and skills you need? I'll pose the same question to myself, how much am I willing to discount Princeton's TradeTutor to get you the knowledge you need? I'll get to my solution in a minute.

Many people have come to this site and have decided to buy a cheaper training program assuming that all training is basically the same. This is their first big mistake. Once you get past the basics you will notice a big difference in Princeton's TradeTutor. Others only show you what you can do based upon past charts and indicators. Although this is ok for illustration purposes you will need more to be successful.

You will need to learn how to predict where the price is going in real time. Princeton's TradeTutor is the only training course teaching real time prediction. You will learn how to anticipate where the trend is going and what to do to milk it for all it's worth - all in real time recorded video.

Remember the saying, "you get what you pay for". If you buy a training course for $49.00, what do you get? You get $49 worth of training. Then, why would anyone buy a training course for $249.? Because you would get $249 worth of training. People were paying $2500 for Princeton's TradeTutor in our training room and now the same courses are available to you without the training room for only $995. So, how much is this training worth?

Before you answer this question consider the fact that all the training we just talked about is really worth the amount of money you intend to risk in the markets. Traders that paid $49 for their training to save money and lost $5,000 in the market paid how much for their training? Another saying comes to mind, "Penny wise and pound foolish".

Now for the fun part. As I have previously said, the price for Princeton's TradeTutor is $995 and it is really worth $2,500 because others were happy to pay that to be a successful trader, but we are in a competitive market and I like to buy stuff discounted and on sale as much as the next guy.

I've decided to offer special one day discounts. Here is how it works:

1.) You can order Princeton's TradeTutor course set right now and get a $100 discount for a total of $895. + S&H click here
Princeton's TradeTutor Training Course Set:

Go on-line for stock Trading
  1. Basics of Using the Computer, Windows, and going online
  2. Basic Stock Market & Technical Analysis
  3. Trading Software and Skill Development
  4. Advanced Technical Analysis and Trading Techniques

Why four courses?
  • We designed these courses, so someone that never used a computer or traded stocks before could learn and develop skills he or she needed to go online and trade stocks successfully.
  • Because each person has a different level of acquired knowledge we organized the courses and lessons into different levels, so you can start where your existing knowledge leaves off, making our training faster, easier, and more efficient.
  • Course 4 - Advanced Trading Techniques - is the longest and most detailed course. You really need to know what is in the first 3 courses to completely absorb all the advanced information in course 4.
  • Nothing Else To Buy! These four courses have it all!

How are these courses taught?

  • You probably have experience going to classrooms to learn stock trading and technical analysis in the traditional way. This is a poor method of education because you spend much time listening to questions and answers that are either beyond your comprehension or much too basic and boring. If you were lucky maybe you've retained 5% of what was taught and what about skill development. Are you creating charts and adding indicators? Are you entering orders? Only one teacher for 20 students, so 19 people are staring at monitor screens or each other wondering what to do next?
  • And, what about online training? You end up watching a tiny window with poor quality video and scratchy sound over the internet. If you've tried this, you already know how frustrating it can be when it keeps stopping. You'd be better off with a book! Princeton's TradeTutor Training Courses are more than 2,135 Mega Bytes and, training of this magnitude, cannot be delivered via the internet.
  • Princeton's TradeTutor Courses are precision designed to be interactive as they teach you what you need and what you want in the shortest time possible. You can use your single monitor standard PC computer, but converting to a dual monitor computer, you can watch the training on the left monitor as you simultaneously do it on the right monitor. If you need to review the lesson, simply run it again. If you already know what is in a lesson, simply fast forward. Being interactive is what sets Princeton's TradeTutor apart from all other types of training. There is simply no better way to develop skills and experience.
  • Rather than trying to learn from someone scribbling on a blackboard, the TradeTutor will show you the real thing recorded in real time.
  • All courses are high resolution high quality video and sound. Running time for all four courses is approximately 14 hours.

Where are the TradeTutor courses taught?
  • Until 2002 we have only allowed our TradeTutor courses to be viewed in our Trading & Training facility in San Diego, CA. We originally developed these courses only for those that opened accounts and traded with Princeton Daytrading, LLC. People have flown thousands of miles and spent weeks in San Diego all for this training.
  • Due to the many online requests we've had, we decided to give everyone access to the special training that only our traders have enjoyed.
  • So, For The First Time Ever, you will be able to learn stock trading in the fastest and easiest way, in the convenience of your own home or office, and with the ability to start and stop the training at any time. You'll be able to quickly review what you've learned. You can even run the TradeTutor on a notebook computer virtually anywhere.

What can I learn from each course?

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Course 1 - Basics of Using the Computer & Windows

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Course 2 - Basic Stock Market & Technical Analysis

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Course 3 - Trading Software, Order Entry, & Skill Development

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Course 4 - Advanced Technical Analysis & Trading Techniques

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