Details of Course 3
Trading Software, Order Entry, & Skill Development
What you will learn about Realtick Trading Software:
  • The most important trading tool you have is your trading software with order entry. You need to be a master at using it, so we take you through every conceivable way we could find of using Realtick Trading Software.
  • You will learn how to create pages that include charts, market maker level 2 windows, market minders that display an unlimited number of streaming quotes, and time and sales as well as many others.
  • We also teach you other important, little known, and rarely taught methods of screen utilization, linking, hot keys, multiple accounts, multiple monitors and using the alarm for alerts.
Developing Skills:
  • You will develop skills by entering orders and practicing with the integrated electronic paper trading system to develop speed and confidence.
  • You will be able to print charts and trade logs as well as setting attributes, and using the clipboard to copy lists of symbols.
  • You will learn how to make notes on the charts and draw trend lines including Fibonacci lines and Gann lines.
  • Realtick software is the tool you will use most of the time you are trading. It is smart to know it well and develop skills using it. "Pause and create" technology makes learning far superior to any other training we have ever seen.
Our TradeTutor Courses help you build your own trading system.
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