Details of Course 4
Advanced Technical Analysis and Trading Techniques
What you will learn about Advanced Technical Analysis:
  • This course covers the advanced features of order entry including various types of orders, such as stop, stop limit, automatic trailing stop, GTC, NOW, and conditional.
  • Learn about buying and selling at the inside market using bids and offers as well as buying and selling below and above the inside market called preferencing.
  • ECN's are extremely important for successful trading. we explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of using ECN's as well as when to use them and whether or not it justifies the cost.
  • Buying low and selling high works well in an up trend, but as many traders have found out since April of 2000, you can't make money in a down trending market unless you know how to sell short. We focus on your understanding of how to sell short. It can be a hard concept to grasp, but we teach it, so you will understand it and be able to use it confidently. We teach you how to place offers to sell on a down bid.
  • What money management really is and how you use it to limit losses and maximize profits.
  • The advanced technical analysis covers bar and candlestick reversal patterns, support and resistance, drawing trend lines and how to use them effectively, more detail about gaps and patterns such as double tops and bottoms, head and shoulder formations, rectangle and triangles, hammers, engulfing, morning and evening star patterns, etc.
  • We cover advanced indicators including, moving averages, volume, momentum, MACD, Stochastics, Bollinger bands, RSI, CCI, Parabolic, etc. and how to add them to Realtick Trading Software charts and how they work together to increase the reliability of the signal.
  • We teach you what Not to do and many of the things you need to watch out for. You've heard of daytraders and investors losing lots of money? Well, there are some things that you need to know or you will undoubtedly do the same as they have.
  • There are many trading techniques that we teach you about. These are many of the methods used by other traders and how they work. You can use one of these methods yourself or combine ideas to form your own trading style.
  • We show you what is wrong with using much of the information you hear on CNBC. Do analysts really care about giving you worthwhile news? I think not.
  • We give you information about trading IPO's and how to know when they first begin trading.
  • You will learn about swing trading - 2 to 14 day trades. When to enter the trade and when to exit. When it is wise to exit your trade at the end of the day or play a gap or stay in for a run.
  • We discuss fundamental analysis and the news as well as insider trading. And lastly, You'll learn about safety in trading - how to reduce risk when using technology. Every link in your trading system between you and the market is a potential for trouble. We give you some ways to minimize that risk.

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