We were hooked by all the t.v. ads from online brokers on how easy it is to sign up and
use their trading software. After a year of constantly losing money and seeing others
constantly making money, we decided to find out what we could do to improve our trading
skills. After a month of researching in both trading magazines and on our computer we
eliminated most of the software offered for being either to costly, or to hard to
understand. We finally decided on Richard Cadways TradeTutor CD course, and soon
found out we made the right decision. The investment seemed affordable as compared to the
losses that we already incurred and the content was presented in a manner which enabled us
to slowly impliment what we learned on the CD's into our daily trading practice. Upon
completing the course we felt we had not only learned dozens of basic new helpful technical
ideas, but also a better overall phylosophy of how the market thinks and how that affects the
decisions we will be making in the future. We have had many more profitable days of trading
since we finished the TradeTudor course and it has almost paid for itself already. We will
probably be trading for a long time to come, so we are glad we made decision to invest in your
course now. Thank you, Michael and Kim OMalia
Dear Rick,

It now has been more than 6 months since I participated in your day trading tutor program and it is an absolute MUST that I now take some time and sit down to write you this thank you letter.
Life has not been the same! I remember in the beginning sitting at your computer trying to figure out if I ever will be able to learn all this day trading stuff. I was totally illiterate on computers and I was about to give it up and kiss my $2000 goodbye! Am I ever glad I didn't do so.
Your incredible patience with me and my many quick walks to your office to please help me one more time, almost to the point where I was about to give this whole thing up, your wonderful ways you have to calm people down and in a very cool manner educate us about how this really works, your incredible and unparalelled professional knowledge (which now I finally realize) as well as your
awesome software and your untiring dedication and commitment to make something out of us in day trading, this must be applauded and commended wherever and to whomever possible! Bravo!
I am so glad that I spent extra weeks at your academy. Now, after almost 6 months of "paper trading" on my double screen setup, I am proud to report to you that I am confident enough to finally practice in reality what you have been preaching and teaching me all this time. I can proudly state that many a day I make substantial double digit profits and at the end of each month of paper trading I have always managed to have a very positive result. I have now actually been real live trading since 10 days and am presently up 23% on the account value from the day I started.
Thank you so much for virtually giving me new life, new hope and a new future. All my life, I never liked to get up early, however, now I can't wait to get out of bed at 04.00 and even switch my computer on before I go to the bathroom! The incredible fire and desire to start trading each morning is extremely intense. I have never experienced such feelings before in my life. I am going to nominate you for Man of the Year.

God bless you.


Sir C........

Dear Princeton Day Trading

I just wanted to let you know how helpful your TradeTutor
courses are for learning how to trade and use Realtick.
In fact they are even better than a live classroom
environment because unlike a classroom they can be played
over and over again. What a bargain for the money. If I
were to fly to a seminar and stay in a hotel and pay for the
seminar it would have cost much much more.

Cliff Carlson
San Diego, California

Dear Richard,
Again, thank you so much for your great teaching, your wonderful spirit as a human being as well as your awesome communication skills with people.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a great 2002!
Stay in touch.
The training for the Realtick trading platform was excellent and got me up and running on it as fast as was possible. -Paul

Dear Rick

How are you? Do you Know that you are one of the best teacher in the stock market world. I think that no one should invest or trade any stock until they go through your CD training. I am a living proof. I lost more money by learning the basic stratergy with Wadecook philosophy without knowing how to chart and what to look for. .But after I went through your training of analytical charting with indicator, finally I am seeing some gain and green light to trade. Also by the way your training cost 1/10 th of other institution's on going training expenses.

Thank You
Govind Ghosh {One of your former student}

My name is Donald Patten, and I have been trading NASDAQ stocks for a few years now. I wanted to let everyone know about my opinion about Rick Cadway's training course which I have taken. I have looked at many courses, and techniques for making money in the stock market, I have lost a lot of money with my trial and error trying out techniques and ideas that people out there sell and promote. Many of them claim to have some special trick or technique that they have figured out which will make you money.
Well, when I met Rick Cadway, first off I was impressed with his knowledge and down to earth principles of trading the stock market. Besides that, his character and honesty as a man was very evident and honorable. Many times I have been impressed with his thoughts of where the market is headed and his accuracy. When I took his course, I was very impressed with the down to earth principles and the simple way in which it was presented. It was especially easy to learn because it was not so much like watching a learning video or lecture, but it was more like looking over his shoulder as he put his knowledge to work and showing by example, not by lecture. Much like having him personally tutor me.
I cannot count how much money I have saved above and beyond the cost of the course by becoming educated and putting his principles to work. When I did lose money, it was my failure to follow things accurately like I should have, and put my emotions aside, than actually following the signs that I saw and teachings that I learned.
This course is very informative and can make a true beginner of the stock market into somebody who has a good general knowledge of how to make money in the market. I already had general knowledge of trading and making money in the stock market, but with this course I saw how many signs you can actually use to predict movements, and get myself into much more profitable trades than before. I highly recommend it and with all things considered, the price is a bargain for the money you will make and save yourself from losing with bad trades.


Donald M. Patten, Jr.

I already own and love TradeTutor. Please add me to your e-mail list. Thanks! Trevor N.

Below is the feedback from one of the Ebay auctions:


Hello Rick,

I have been working with your course and it is quite impressive, the work that you put into it really makes it a worthwhile course. The only addition I would like to see would be a printed index since I never seem to be able to find things that I would like to go back to. This is a minor thing and not to be taken as a serious criticisim.


Many thanks to the traders that have taken the time to write their opinions of the TradeTutor courses