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What does each lesson cover?
  • Course 1 - Lesson 1 will teach you the basics of the typical computer system. More
  • Course 2 - Lesson 1 - The differences between the NYSE and the NASDAQ. Learn about market makers and brush up using decimals. Learn about level 1 and level 2. Learn how to recognize the ECN's and what they are used for. Learn about various account and order types. More
  • Course 3 - Lesson 1 Learn how to use Realtick Software to create trading pages as well as line, bar and candlestick charts. If you currently have Realtick software, you will be able to create as you go, to learn by doing. You will also learn how to save what you design. More
  • Course 4 - Lesson 1 You will learn about various order types and how to enter them using Island, ARCA, ISI, etc. You will learn how to paper trade and sell short to take advantage of falling prices. Locked and crossed markets will be explained. More
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