The Mentor Program and your Personal Trainer

Mentor Program Details
Princeton's Mentor Program was designed to help you reach your potential as a trader in the fastest and easiest way. Stock trading is not a mechanical system, but an art that requires an education, skill development, experience, and your personal talent. Combining these with the direction of a qualified and licensed mentor will enable you to be the best you can be in the shortest amount of time.

Our mentoring goes right to the heart of your needs

  • First we converse to determine your current level of knowledge
  • Next, we ascertain your desires and expectations
  • Then we focus upon reaching your goals

The training program
  • We begin by improving your existing computer system or by helping you purchase a new multiple monitor trading computer. Having the right tools is important for success in all professions
  • Once the basics have been reviewed we will go into detail about using trends as well as support and resistance to determine when to buy and sell
  • I will teach you how to recognize reversals using simple chart paterns
  • You will learn how to control your emotions, so you are trading using your intelligence instead of those emotions
  • I will teach you what to avoid - the traps and pitfalls that have caused others financial ruin, disappointment, and failure.
  • As Rembrandt could have taught you his craft and demonstrated how he produced it, I will show you the art of trading in a way that will cut months off the learning process.



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